Family owned and operated, Jodhpuri Inc provides top quality home accessory products for over 3 decades.


Located off route 46 in Parsippany New Jersey, Jodhpuri Inc manufactures several of their leading products in house. Since 1992, Jodhpuri has dedicated themselves to the production of luxury home products that help the customer feel more at home.



Upgrade your drinkware.

Bring the party to life with our stylish and artfully crafted drinking mugs.


Moscow Mule Mug

Buffalo Horn Mugs

Beer Tankard

Protect surfaces and your beverages.


Jodhpuri Inc offers a wide range of coaster styles such as naturally occurring marble, polished marble with wood, and organically designed agate.


Natural Marble

50434_1 1000 x 1000.jpg

Polished Marble


Natural Agate

Furniture that adds style and class to any room.


From natural agate to rose quartz, our stunning assortment of natural stone tables add a sense of luxury and style to any decor.

44141_1 1000 x 1000.jpg

Flower Cut Rose Quartz

Black Agate Nesting

Solid White Quartz Geode

High quality bar tools and accessories that capture your attention.


Jodhpuri Inc offers a wide range of premium bar tools and accessories made from high quality materials. With us, you have a unique selection of products made from stainless steel, buffalo horns, and natural stone.


Pineapple Beverage Dispenser

Ice Buckets

Stone Bottle Stoppers

Leading brand in American-Made home fragrance products.


Jodhpuri offers a blend of rich botanicals, essential oils, and other fragrance products that help create an aromatic oasis.



Reed Diffusers


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